Guided-Tours.COLOGNE – Your Private Guided Walking Tours in Cologne!

Enjoy your exclusive guided walking tour in Cologne just for you and your group! You can be 1, 2, 10 or 25 people (or even more), we cater for anybody from singles, couples, families, to business groups etc.!

Explore with me and my other experienced colleagues on your private guided tour the world famous Cologne Cathedral or the Old Town/ Highlights – or both as combined package – and even more special tours – covering over 2000 years of history!

My guided tours are in English (or German as well ;-)) – more languages (e.g. French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian et al.) with my other guides are available on request.

So contact me to find a date for your private guided tour!

I am looking forward to your enquiry.

Yours Christian Knorpp M.A.
Historian, City Guide, Officially Registered Guide for Cologne Cathedral
Private Guided Tours Agency Guided-Tours.COLOGNE (“Guided Tours DOT COLOGNE”)

For more detailed information in German about my guided tours please visit my German Homepage deutsch/ in German