Cathedral & Historic Town Combination

Combined private guided walking tour with inside Cologne Cathedral (1h) and Old Town (1,5h)

Enjoy your own private 2,5-hours English walking tour in the Cologne Cathedral AND the Old Town to explore Cologne’s most beautiful sites of over 2000 years!

Just for you and your group – no matter if you are 2, 5, 10 or 20 people – or even more with second guide possible!

On this combined tour, you can admire the inside of amazing UNESCO World Heritage Cologne Cathedral with its over 750-years-old stained glass windows, the golden shrine of the Magi and its over 600 years construction history. Then we explore the area around the Cathedral and the Historic Town with the highlights of over-2000 years of Cologne’s history – from the  Historical Town Hall, the Ancient Market Square to the picturesque river banks of the Rhine.

Here you can find my price list for your exclusive guided tour in Cologne!

So contact me and book your private guided tour combination on date by appointment!

I am looking forward to your enquiry.

Yours Christian Knorpp M.A.
Historian, City Guide, Officially Licensed Guide for Cologne Cathedral

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Please NOTE: These are guided tours on date by appointment only! NO public tours here! NO possibility to JOIN other groups!