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10/12/2020PLEASE NOTE: SINCE 2 NOVEMBER 2020 due to the present anti-Corona/ -Covid temporary LOCKDOWN IN NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER 2020 – and now obviously AT LEAST(!) UNTIL JANUARY 10th 2021 (or PROBABLY LONGER!)ALL GUIDED TOURS (INSIDE & OUTSIDE) as ALL CULTURAL EVENTS in COLOGNE are FORBIDDEN!

Also ALL MUSEUMS in Cologne will be CLOSED during that time – and NO touristic VISITS  and NO GUIDED TOURS in Cologne CATHEDRAL and the other local CHURCHES are allowed!

Estimated IN THE MIDDLE(?!) OF JANUARY 2021 – OR PROBABLY LATER – my different PRIVATE GUIDED TOURS IN COLOGNE WILL BE ALLOWED AGAIN as before – like My Old Town Highlights Tour, My Tour Inside Cologne Cathedral, or both on My Combined Cathedral & Old Town Tour, or even More on My Special Tours – and can ALREADY be BOOKED HERE NOW – probabely restricted again to groups with UP TO 10/15 PERSONS PER GUIDE – AND STILL JUST ON DATE BY APPOINTMENT!

Also see German/ Deutsch  my detailed current Corona information on my German website Kölnfü

However – I’m looking forward to your enquiry for dates after the lockdown – and please stay healthy, too!

Fon +49-221-630 608 17 (with voice mail in in English )
or +49-221-471 71 76 (with voice mail in German/ Deutsch )
Mobile +49-1520-9819775 (please only use for really URGENT enquiries – thank you!)

Or use the CONTACT FORM BELOW (using secure TLS/ SSL encrypted data transfer – also see my data privacy statement, in German only yet)

Office (just nearby the Cathedral)
(visits on date by appointment only!):
Burgmauer 20/ Komödienstraße 41
D-50667 Köln/ Cologne – Map/ Google+

Please NOTE: This is NOT the official Cologne tourist board – so NO information about hotels, parking, shopping, tickets, opening times etc. – For this please contact and visit its official website (opens in new browser window). – The official Cathedral site is (in English).-

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