Price List of Agency Guided-Tours.COLOGNE

Prices for my private guided walking tours in Cologne in English (or other available language) – per GROUP/ GUIDE with each up to 25 persons (or in Corona times at the moment max.20pax outside and max.12pax inside) or max.30 persons for school classes/ student groups (at the moment max.20pax outside, 12/15pax inside) – for more second guide possible:

145€ (weekend 170€) – ca./max.1,5h – Old Town/ Highlights Walking Tour (with Cathedral from outside)
90€* – 1h – Cologne Cathedral Tour
220€* – 2/max.2,5h – Combination Cologne Cathedral (1h) & Old Town/ Highlights  (1-1,5h) Tour
(190€* – MAX.2h – REDUCED price ONLY for school classes/ children groups or student groups – Combination Cologne Cathedral (1h) & Surroundings/ Old Town Highlights (max.1h))
170€ – Guided Bus Tour (1/max.1,5hrs, normal round tour in the inner city, only with bus and driver provided by the group)
190€ – 1/ 1,5/ max.2h – Special Tour (Subterranean Cologne**, or other special topics)
(170€ – max.1,5h – reduced price Special Tour ONLY for school classes/ children groups)

19% VAT (MwSt, Mehrwertsteuer) INCLUDED.
entrance/ tickets, drinks, food etc. on the tour ARE NOT INCLUDED

* PLUS 60€ per group (up to 25 persons – or up to 12 persons at the moment)/ student groups 30€ (up to 30 persons – or up to 12 persons at the moment)/ school classes/ children groups 10€ (up to 30 persons – or up to 15 persons at the moment) Cathedral fee and guidance system fee (has to be used during the tour in the cathedral) .
** PLUS (if necessary and accessible) entrance fee 1€ pp for crypt of church Great St.Martin
*** Plus fee for underground/ bus tickets etc, taxi, rickshaw etc if necessary or used

Plus where required some more price surcharges (e.g. end of tour after 8 p.m., over 25/30 persons with one guide, tour on a holiday/ feast weekend etc)

50€*** – Pick up/ start from the hotel or other point instead of Cathedral or other place in Old Town (only inner city or Deutz)/
Or pick up from Cologne Central Train Station/ Hbf (with transfer to a close hotel possible before the guided tour) etc
For max 45-60Min before tour start
NO TRANSFER from or to the airport or other cities etc!

So learn more about my guided tours in Cologne – and contact me to book your private guided tour on date by appointment!

I am looking forward to your enquiry.

Yours Christian Knorpp M.A.
Historian, City Guide, Officially Registered Guide for Cologne Cathedral

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