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Apart from my private guided tours “classics” Cologne Cathedral, Old Town/ Highlights or Combination Cathedral & Old Town I’m offering you and your group a couple of SPECIAL PRIVATE GUIDED TOURS in Cologne in English (or German as well ;-).

February 2023 – Guided tours of Cologne are possible without restrictions – even for guided tours of the interior (e.g. Cologne Cathedral etc.) masks are no longer compulsory, only recommended.

So I’m looking forward to your enquiry for your PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR for YOUR GROUP with currently UP TO 25 PERSONS PER GUIDE (more possible) – AND STILL JUST ON DATE BY APPOINTMENT!

And please stay healthy!

Christian Knorpp
Agency Guided-Tours.Cologne

  • “SUBTERRANEAN COLOGNE” – (Kölnführung unterirdisch) A fascinating walk with destinations beneath modern Cologne throughout 2000 years of history! Starting nearby Cologne Cathedral with the foundations of at least over 1900 years old Roman city wall built with Roman concrete – only a few steps down in a modern underground parking! – Discover then – downstairs in the crypt of the medieval Romanesque church Great St.Martin in Cologne’s Old Town nearby the Rhine – the remains of the Roman harbour (again almost 2000 years old!), as well as the walls and groundfloor ot the first church beneath the present one – also at least more than 1000 years old! – And last but not least take a few steps with me down to a new underground station – just beside the remains of a Roman temple!
    Tour recommended for “advanced” guests or especially interested visitors – or also for bad/ cold/ rainy (or even very hot) weather!
    About 1,5hrs possible Tue-Sun between 9:00 a.m. to (end) 5:00 p.m. – for 1-MAX.20-25 pax
    Price 200 Euro 19% VAT/ MwSt INCLUDED
    PLUS (if necessary and access possible) entrance fee 1 Euro p.p. for church crypt Great St.Martin
  • “COLOGNE FROM ABOVE” (“Köln von oben”) – Learn at first about the never-ending building history of the Cologne Cathedral (from outside) and about the Rhine and its bridges (crossing the oldest one of them with hundred thousands of nice love locks on it!) – then get up (by modern elevator ;-)) to a fantastic 100-metres-high panorama plattform just in opposite of the Cathedral nearby the Rhine and enjoy the nicest and best 360° roundview on Cologne and the whole famous Rhineland region!
    Recommended for good/ sunny weather from April to end of September/ beginning of October!
    PLEASE NOTE: Currently possible from 10:30 a.m-(end of tour) 8 p.m. – wearing medical masks is compulsory only in the lift up to KölnTriangle panorama plattform!
    About 2hrs – for max.20-25 persons per guide (for more second guide possible)
    Price 200 Euro 19% VAT/ MwSt INCLUDED
    PLUS: Entrance fee for KölnTriangle Panorama plattform (5/ 4 Euro p.p. – free entry for children up to 12 years).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to present and ongoing Corona/ Covid-19 pandemic this tour can still NOT be provided here until further notice – thanks for your understanding!
    “Cologne Breweries and Beer (Kölsch) Tour”
    (Brauhaustour) (with other experienced guide of my agency) Visit 3-4 typical Cologne breweries/ pubs in the Old Town around the Cathedral, learn about the old history and tradition of beer making in this city, and taste different sorts of the famous local beer “Kölsch” – the only dialect in the world you can drink!
    About 2hrs – for persons (depends on date and time) per guide
    Price 200 Euro 19% VAT/ MwSt included (and drinks for the guide included).
    PLUS: Kölsch/ drinks for the group/ tour members on the tour
  • Thematic guided walking tour with “2000 Years of Trade & Economy in Cologne” – learn about the amazing trading roads and goods (and food) the Romans built and brought to the “Colonia” – which clever “trick” made the city on the Rhine in the Middle Ages beeing not only Germany’s biggest city, but also one of the richest and most famous ones in Europe – how 100-150 years ago “Coellen/ Köln” became a kind of “Silicon Valley” of the automotive industry with names like Otto, Audi, Daimler, Maybach, Bugatti, and more … -.
    Recommended especially for (older) school classes/ student groups (Economy and more) or international business groups/ guests.
    About 1,5hrs – for 2-MAX.25 persons per guide (school classes and student groups MAX.30 persons)
    Price 200 Euro 19% VAT/ MwSt included

Please notice: NO public tours offered here – NO possibility to JOIN another groupONLY on DATE by APPOINTMENT – just for you and your group – no matter if you are 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 persons (or at the moment see above)!

So contact me and book your special private guided tour!

I am looking forward to your enquiry.

Yours Christian Knorpp M.A.
Historian, City Guide, Officially Registered Guide of Cathedral
Private Guided Tours Agency Guided-Tours.COLOGNE